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ten things I hate about you*

*’You’ being public transport, and not anyone who might happen to read this blog post (like people do that).

A red double-decker bus from London, UK


I hate public transport.

I hate having to limit trips outside of my house to the bus schedule, where the buses stop, and where their routes go.  I hate having to wait around for 30 minutes, and hour, if I just miss a bus or if it’s running late, or I’m running early and there just isn’t a bus.

I hate that there seems to be only two modes of heat, ‘not on at all’ and ‘blasting away until it feels like a furnace’.

I hate that bus drivers sit in short-sleeved shirts in cold weather and blast the heat throughout the bus to keep themselves comfortable, while the passengers who actually dressed for the weather are sweltering and about to pass out.

I hate how 90% of the windows that are supposed to open are broken, and never get repaired.

I hate that the buses leak when it’s raining.

I hate the infrequency of buses on popular routes, and the refusal to add more buses to those routes.

I hate that a two-hour evening class means that I’m out of the house for five and a half hours because of bus schedules.

I hate how they keep trying to make the buses more efficient – by minimizing leg room and taking away accessible seats!  Taking away 3 accessible seats and making 95% of the seats unusable for my 5’10” self to gain a net of three seats over the old bus models != good idea!

I hate that strollers and accessible seating share the same space.

I hate that 1 stroller and 1 parent take up 5 (accessible) seats.

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