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lala excuses

From the depths of a snowy prison, Basement Cat plots revenge...

The ultra-cold and ridiculous amounts of snow have conspired with the start of classes to kind of totally knock me out this month.  Getting blizzarded* on last week didn’t help either.

Let’s pretend 2011 starts in February, shall we?

*Why yes this is a technical term rly

sand ninjas

Shoulder is acting up again.  I think I overdid the whole ‘actually using my arm’ thing.

Will hopefully be back this weekend with reviews.  Or at least another demotivator.

six of one

Yesterday was a mixed bag.  I got to play with my new kindle, which was awesome, and after a lie-in and a quiet day I took it on its first outing, waiting at the walk-in clinic with Roger.  Then we went for dinner to the seafood diner by the chiropractor – that was a surprise to me, but a good one.

Unfortunately, the meal itself wasn’t too great.  I don’t eat anything out of the sea, but the diner has really awesome chicken, so I usually get chicken.  Except today, they were out of light meat for all for the chicken dishes.  I ended up with an open hot chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and salad, which was okay despite the dark meat.  And the stealth dairy.  The service was also terrible.

Roger did complain about everything, and we got half off the bill and a $20 gift card, which was nice, but still.  And then we got snowed on while waiting for the bus.

At least today will be quiet.  No plans except to stay indoors, away from the evil snow, and play with my kindle.

Judith Griggs: An Update

In a badly-edited statement on the Cooks Source website, editor Judith Griggs of the Great Copyright Scandal of 2010 has offered an apology, of sorts, and made good on Monica Gaudio’s request for a contribution in her name to the Columbia School of Journalism.

But apparently Ms Griggs is still not sure how the internet works, much to the amusement of commenters at SBTB and elsewhere.

We have cancelled our Facebook page on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 6:00PM. It has since been since been hacked by unknown parties and now someone else unknown to us has control of it.

It’s called ‘angry internet people posting on your wall’, dear.

In her statement, Griggs also promises to actually vet her sources and contributors in the future, and make sure that everything they print is with the copyright holder’s permission.  All of which she should have been doing in the first place.

ten things I hate about you*

*’You’ being public transport, and not anyone who might happen to read this blog post (like people do that).

A red double-decker bus from London, UK


I hate public transport.

I hate having to limit trips outside of my house to the bus schedule, where the buses stop, and where their routes go.  I hate having to wait around for 30 minutes, and hour, if I just miss a bus or if it’s running late, or I’m running early and there just isn’t a bus.

I hate that there seems to be only two modes of heat, ‘not on at all’ and ‘blasting away until it feels like a furnace’.

I hate that bus drivers sit in short-sleeved shirts in cold weather and blast the heat throughout the bus to keep themselves comfortable, while the passengers who actually dressed for the weather are sweltering and about to pass out.

I hate how 90% of the windows that are supposed to open are broken, and never get repaired.

I hate that the buses leak when it’s raining.

I hate the infrequency of buses on popular routes, and the refusal to add more buses to those routes.

I hate that a two-hour evening class means that I’m out of the house for five and a half hours because of bus schedules.

I hate how they keep trying to make the buses more efficient – by minimizing leg room and taking away accessible seats!  Taking away 3 accessible seats and making 95% of the seats unusable for my 5’10” self to gain a net of three seats over the old bus models != good idea!

I hate that strollers and accessible seating share the same space.

I hate that 1 stroller and 1 parent take up 5 (accessible) seats.

Judith Griggs and Plagiarism

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is calling for a new definition of the term Judith Griggs, following an incident where the aforementioned editor of Cook’s Source was caught plagiarising an article for profit without permission.  To add insult to injury (and copyright infringement), Griggs then had the sheer nerve to inform the original author that she should be grateful and pay them for stealing her work!  Apparently if you’re Judith Griggs, the web is considered “public domain”!

Judith Griggs
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): griggs’d
Pronunciation: gr\ i \gz

1. To use content on the web without permission, then request payment from original author for rewrites and editing.
2. To remain ignorant of plagiarism, ethics, copyright, and asshat behavior.

Etymology: From Cook’s Source editor Judith Griggs’ use of Monica’s article from GodeCookery without attribution or permission, and from Griggs’ subsequent rejection and ridicule of Monica’s request for compensation.

Example of usage: “Why’d you get an F on that essay?”
“I griggs’d the professor’s doctoral thesis from her website, and I even cleaned it up for her and told her she should give me an A, but she failed me anyway.”

Alternate usage: “For tomorrow’s deadline, I’m going to griggs some article from LiveJournal but edit it to remove the humor and interestingness.”

According to comments on pretty much everything I already linked, Cook’s Source has also plagiarized articles from other sources, including The Food Network and Web MD!  What on earth is wrong with this woman?  (And why is she being paid to do such a crappy job while I’m unemployed??)

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