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Review: Baby Bonanza

Cover for 'Baby Bonanza'

Baby Bonanza by Maureen Child is a Silhouette Desire book.  I downloaded this as a free ebook for the Kindle from  Free is my favourite price, and this story is worth every penny spent!

The plot of the story is rather stereotypical – Nice Normal Girl had a smokin’ hot affair with a Rich Playboy Bachelor who intends to never settle down.  The relationship implodes, for whatever reason, and soon after the fact NNG finds out that she’s pregnant with RPB’s Sekkrit Baby™.  Cue attempted reconciliations, yadda yadda.

This book definitely followed the traditional storyline, and handled the back-story with Nick and Jenna’s failed past relationship well, providing enough details that my small amount of curiosity was sated, without needing an excessive flash-back scene or three to slow down the narrative.

My main quibble with this story is that it was very short – as the various Silhouette lines tend to be – and the characters’ emotions seemed to be a lot more ‘tell’ than ‘show’.  The story takes place over a short period of time – I think a week, maaaaybe two at the outside – and I didn’t really get the impression that Jenna and Nick spent any of that time getting to know each other.  I would have liked to see more interaction with Jenna’s sister, who seemed to solely be there to babysit in the beginning of the story.  The majority of the secondary characters felt completely superfluous; I get the impression that if the cruise setting didn’t necessitate other people around, they wouldn’t exist at all.

The Amazon blurb for this story was, I felt, not very accurate.  The story I read was not the story that I thought I had downloaded.  Much more of the book is about Nick’a reluctance to accept possible fatherhood than it is about Nick and Jenna’s attempts to Work Things Out and get to the Happily Ever After.  Because of this, the ending feels quite abrupt.

It also bothers me that the man and babies on the cover image look nothing like the man and babies described in the story.  And there seems to be something wrong with his jawline.

Despite the stereotypical storyline and the sometimes abrupt pace of events (and emotions), the ending of this left me with warm fuzzies and immediately compelled me to come write a review.  Would recommend to anyone who likes modern-setting romance and who likes (or at least doesn’t mind) the Sekkrit Baby™ plotline.

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