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gotta be cool, relax, get hip, get on my tracks

I don’t have any finished book reviews and my shoulder is giving me grief again after feeling better at the end of last week, so today you get links instead! Isn’t this fun? 😉

Just in time for Christmas: Star Wars paper snowflakes! These look really cool, and if I were more artistically inclined (and had blank paper) I’d definitely give them a go. Instructions and templates are found on the second page of the article.Paper snowflake with the likeness of Darth Vader's head at the end of each 'spoke'

This has been rolling around the internet for a few weeks now, but in case you haven’t seen it, Nat-2 are soon to release their totally awesome Stack4in1 Shoe range.  They’re shoes!  That transform!  Seriously!  Would I lie about something this geeky?

Eight different designs of Nat-2's Stack4in1 shoesWord Wenches have an interesting article on tea in the Eighteenth Century.  If you like tea or history, be sure to take a look.

Speaking of tea, Shui Tea is selling The Vodka Infusion Pack, tea that can be infused in vodka, instead of water, for (allegedly) tasty vodka-based cocktails.
The Vodka Tea Infusion Pack
Also! If you read romance but don’t follow any large book review or author blogs, there’s still time to join in with the Harlequin Historical Giveaway!  For the first 22 days in December a range of  Harlequin Historical Authors have teamed up to create an online Advent Calendar.  Each day, you can visit the host author’s website to enter competitions for various prizes, ranging from tree ornaments to books.  On the 23rd, there will be a draw from all entries for the Grand Prize: an Amazon Kindle!  Go check it out!

a day in the life

Paladins Do Not Make Good VikingsToday didn’t go quite as planned.  We were originally going to the mall to get my sunglasses fixed and do some window shopping, but it took Roger forever to find the inclination to get ready.  Transformers’ online PvP was much more interesting than plans.  So instead we went out for KFC for dinner and stopped by the local sex toy shop on the way home.  My Hitachi Magic Wand is still out of commission, so a new toy was definitely in order.

I spent some time lusting over the shiny Lelo toys and other assorted V Expensive Items, before eventually settling on an adjustable-strength bullet with three textures silicone sleeves.  I can’t remember the brand name off the top of my head.  And I got a $20 off coupon for December!  There may have to be another trip out there next month…

Once we got home, there was nothing we could do but try out my new toy.  I’ll post a full review some time later this week after I’ve had more time to play, but first impressions are quite positive.  Then Roger made me tea – orange pekoe with milk, which was v nice – and he headed downstairs to his computer while I’m catching up on my tv shows (and blogging, obv).

All in all, a pretty good day.

And now back to Big Bang Theory. ❤ Sheldon.

Ahoy cute tea accessories!

FredFlare/com's Tea Duckie

This floating tea infuser from is just too damn cute!  And he has a little stand that looks like water!

Brought you you via Must Have Cute.

Review: Organic Raspberry Nectar Tea

The Organic Raspberry Nectar blend from DavidsTea is caffeine-, gluten- and lactose-free.  The packaging and website describe it as a “light, fresh and delectable” tea with raspberries, honeybush, lemongrass and citrus flavour.

The description on the DavidsTea website calls this a “dessert tea”, though I’m not sure that I would agree with that designation.  It has quite a strong flavour, with definite notes of raspberry and lemongrass and something else I can’t quite identify – while this is a herbal tea, I don’t find it soothing or mild, which is what I prefer in the evenings or after meals.  I would rather drink a rooibos or pekoe blend, without the sharp fruity taste.  YMMV.

Nonetheless, soothing properties aside, it is very tasty, and smells fantastic both dried and steeped.  If it came in a perfume, I’d totally wear it.

The instructions on the tin say to use 1.5 teaspoons per cup and to steep for 5 to 7 minutes in boiled water.  I tend to make this tea in the Perfect Tea Mug, which is slightly larger than the rest of my mugs, so I find that 2 teaspoons steeped for about 7 minutes works a bit better.

I bought this from a retail location of DavidsTea, but they do also sell it online here in their online store.  Unfortunately, DavidsTea does not list any information about international (outside of Canada) shipping or their shipping rates on their website.

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