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six of one

Yesterday was a mixed bag.  I got to play with my new kindle, which was awesome, and after a lie-in and a quiet day I took it on its first outing, waiting at the walk-in clinic with Roger.  Then we went for dinner to the seafood diner by the chiropractor – that was a surprise to me, but a good one.

Unfortunately, the meal itself wasn’t too great.  I don’t eat anything out of the sea, but the diner has really awesome chicken, so I usually get chicken.  Except today, they were out of light meat for all for the chicken dishes.  I ended up with an open hot chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and salad, which was okay despite the dark meat.  And the stealth dairy.  The service was also terrible.

Roger did complain about everything, and we got half off the bill and a $20 gift card, which was nice, but still.  And then we got snowed on while waiting for the bus.

At least today will be quiet.  No plans except to stay indoors, away from the evil snow, and play with my kindle.

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