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without a single word

Image with pink background and white text, in the style of the British WW1 "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster.  Text reads "Keep Calm and Look Busy".

It’s been a while.  And not in the ‘song from that creepy Butterfly Effect movie’ kind of way.  I had a bunch of job interviews and then started a new job in February; I’d forgotten just how much working an eight-hour day takes out of my limited energy resources, and starting at an accounting firm right before tax season wasn’t the best of timing.

I’ve still been reading, but mostly visiting old favourites, or random books from my to-read pile that I didn’t feel strongly enough either way to want to write a review of.  And some that I do want to review, but that I’m struggling to pin down just what I did or did not like about them.  Hopefully I’ll get around to those eventually.

Now that tax season is coming to a close, I should actually get some time at home in the evening and most of my weekend back, so there should be more time for reading and reviewing.  And chores around the house, sigh.

lala excuses

From the depths of a snowy prison, Basement Cat plots revenge...

The ultra-cold and ridiculous amounts of snow have conspired with the start of classes to kind of totally knock me out this month.  Getting blizzarded* on last week didn’t help either.

Let’s pretend 2011 starts in February, shall we?

*Why yes this is a technical term rly

Denial, can you spell it?

SOME PEOPLE. SOME PEOPLE, who clearly are incapable of appreciating Penny Arcade, who are unreasonable, WE HAVE SOME KIND OF RAPE CULTURE.

@ kirbybits: Here is a thought: Fuck this noise

@ shakesville: Taking a Brave Stance Against Survivors of Rape

The day I was blocked by Keith Olbermann

Today I got blocked on Twitter by Keith Olbermann.

I shall choose to look on this as an accomplishment.  Since some time Saturday, Keith Olbermann has been blocking feminist tweeters using the tag #MooreandMe and directing calls to Keith Olbermann (@keitholbermann) and Michael Moore (@mmflint) for retractions of and apologies for the deliberately inaccurate information they they aired via Twitter and cable T.V. to hundreds of thousands of their fans.

As of some point this afternoon, I got to join the illustrious company of People Keith Olbermann Has Blocked On Twitter.  We even have our own hashtag, #WeveBeenKOed.

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Time we saw a miracle

Have you ever received a book in the mail, and had no idea who it came from or why it was sent to you?  ‘Cause I’m having one of those days.  Unexpected book presents are lovely, of course, and the timing is excellent.

Shoulder is still not in good shape, though liberal application of ice the past few days and my regular chiro appointment mean that I can move my fingers without making my shoulder and neck scream (it’s more of a loud cry), which means I can type.  Somewhat awkwardly and slowly, and with lots of breaks and as little movement of my arms as possible.  Who thought I’d ever find a use for playing piano ten years ago?  It’s looking like I have done something (nice and specific, no?) to the shoulder joint, and there is also a pinched nerve in my neck.

One good thing about the shoulder thing is that I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the Kindle the past few days, and I’ve caught up on my TV shows.  I love my PVR.  I did also watch a 19 Kids and Counting marathon, I’m ashamed to say, when there was nothing else on and I was too sore to hold the Kindle.  But we’ll pretend that never happened.  At least now I have a lovely new book to read!  I love ebooks for their convenience and the ability to multi-task while reading, but there is a certain something about physical books that i just love.

I also received my first item from Eden Fantasys for review yesterday, in a tragic case of bad timing.  I suppose it at least puts off the decision of whether to post sex toy reviews here or on a separate blog for a few more days.

Procrastinate, moi?

the cliffs of insanity

I’ve done something to my shoulder, and typing up a review today has just not been possible.  Not much of anything besides sitting watching tv with an ice pack has been possible.  So instead of writing I’m watching Princess Bride, and hoping to be up to typing tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, have a demotivator:

Odds are you won’t like what it is

I’ve started a new book tonight, King of the Unblessed by Michelle M. Pillow.  I think someone has watched Labyrinth a few times too many.

Just a hint – it isn’t me.

Review: A Magic of Twilight

Well.  After the disappointment that was Viscount Vagabond and The Devil’s Delilah by Loretta Chase, I decided to take a step away from romance and read a straight fantasy (albeit, reportedly one with a character romance).  The fantasy book I made the mistake of picking was A Magic Of Twilight – my husband has the first two books and enjoyed them enough that the third is on his buy list.  I’ll admit that out tastes don’t always match, but often they do in epic fantasy.A Magic of Twilight cover

Boy, did I pick the wrong book to try.

A Magic Of Twilight (not to be confused with sparkly vampires) is the first book in S. L. Farrell’s Nessantico Cycle.  I suppose that the series’ name should have been the first clue of what I was in for.  The second should have been that the cover quote was from George R. R. Martin.

The book opens with what is no doubt intended to be an enticing insight into the world of Nessantico, but the plethora of pseudo-Italian for names, terms, everything had me frustrated before the end of the first page.  Don’t get me wrong – I like fantasy languages when used tastefully and moderately, to add flavour and realism to a world.

This was neither tasteful nor moderate, and I don’t know how realistic it made the world when I spent more time trying to figure out how to pronounce the names in my head than I did actually reading the English words.  In case you think I jest, some samples:

She’d listened to the teni thundering their admonitions from the High Lectern enough to realise that. U’Teni cu’Dosteau, the Instruttorei a’Acoyte, was just as blunt and direct: “A teni does not thwart Cenzi’s Will unpunished…”

At the front of the room, the Sun Throne gleamed beneath the Kraljica Marguerite ca’Ludovici, the ruler of Nessantico and the Holdings, the great Genera a’Pace, the Wielder of the Iron Staff, the Matarh a’Dominion…

I was honestly confused after the first few pages whether there was supposed to be an omg!shocking incest/molestation reference, a la Game of Thrones, or not; no reference is provided for the relationship outside of the pseudo-Latinate, and no age approximation is provided for two of the three characters that appear in that first scene.  Possibly there was for  the third, but she was comatose, and not involved in the sexual reference.

I was willing to give the first section the benefit of the doubt, in case the author was attempting an immersive scene to catch the reader’s attention and would back off and provide some context after that, but no.  In fact, it seemed to get worse as I progressed through the first chapter, and a switch in view-point every few pages only frustrated me further.

I couldn’t get any further.  This book completely failed to capture my interest, and trying to keep the ridiculous terms straight gave me a headache, and I didn’t even get that far in the book!

This is definitely a Will Not Finish.  Would not recommend to anyone, unless they’re looking for a penance and the thought of a hair shirt is too mild.

six of one

Yesterday was a mixed bag.  I got to play with my new kindle, which was awesome, and after a lie-in and a quiet day I took it on its first outing, waiting at the walk-in clinic with Roger.  Then we went for dinner to the seafood diner by the chiropractor – that was a surprise to me, but a good one.

Unfortunately, the meal itself wasn’t too great.  I don’t eat anything out of the sea, but the diner has really awesome chicken, so I usually get chicken.  Except today, they were out of light meat for all for the chicken dishes.  I ended up with an open hot chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and salad, which was okay despite the dark meat.  And the stealth dairy.  The service was also terrible.

Roger did complain about everything, and we got half off the bill and a $20 gift card, which was nice, but still.  And then we got snowed on while waiting for the bus.

At least today will be quiet.  No plans except to stay indoors, away from the evil snow, and play with my kindle.

Judith Griggs: An Update

In a badly-edited statement on the Cooks Source website, editor Judith Griggs of the Great Copyright Scandal of 2010 has offered an apology, of sorts, and made good on Monica Gaudio’s request for a contribution in her name to the Columbia School of Journalism.

But apparently Ms Griggs is still not sure how the internet works, much to the amusement of commenters at SBTB and elsewhere.

We have cancelled our Facebook page on Thursday, November 4th, 2010 at 6:00PM. It has since been since been hacked by unknown parties and now someone else unknown to us has control of it.

It’s called ‘angry internet people posting on your wall’, dear.

In her statement, Griggs also promises to actually vet her sources and contributors in the future, and make sure that everything they print is with the copyright holder’s permission.  All of which she should have been doing in the first place.

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