Review: Organic Raspberry Nectar Tea

The Organic Raspberry Nectar blend from DavidsTea is caffeine-, gluten- and lactose-free.  The packaging and website describe it as a “light, fresh and delectable” tea with raspberries, honeybush, lemongrass and citrus flavour.

The description on the DavidsTea website calls this a “dessert tea”, though I’m not sure that I would agree with that designation.  It has quite a strong flavour, with definite notes of raspberry and lemongrass and something else I can’t quite identify – while this is a herbal tea, I don’t find it soothing or mild, which is what I prefer in the evenings or after meals.  I would rather drink a rooibos or pekoe blend, without the sharp fruity taste.  YMMV.

Nonetheless, soothing properties aside, it is very tasty, and smells fantastic both dried and steeped.  If it came in a perfume, I’d totally wear it.

The instructions on the tin say to use 1.5 teaspoons per cup and to steep for 5 to 7 minutes in boiled water.  I tend to make this tea in the Perfect Tea Mug, which is slightly larger than the rest of my mugs, so I find that 2 teaspoons steeped for about 7 minutes works a bit better.

I bought this from a retail location of DavidsTea, but they do also sell it online here in their online store.  Unfortunately, DavidsTea does not list any information about international (outside of Canada) shipping or their shipping rates on their website.


Hitachi Magic Wand Update

Did I mention that my Hitachi Magic Wand is broken?  Because it totally is.

Good news, however – I got a reply from Vibratex (the North American wholesalers for the Hitachi Magic Wand) today, and it seems that they will repair/replace my Magic Wand despite being north of the US border!


I am, needless to say, very pleased about this.  The Hitachi Magic Wand and I will be taking a trip to the post office this weekend, to get it all mailed out and On Its Way To Be Fixed.  Hopefully it doesn’t cost too much to mail…

Insert flailing here

I have a Philosophy test tomorrow.

I am so not ready to take a philosophy test tomorrow.


Maybe I should just quit this school thing while I’m ahead.

You know what’s ridiculous?

The price of women’s clothing, that is what’s ridiculous.

Two pairs of jeans and two bras (both buy one get one 50% off!) and three pairs of underpants (3 for $20) for nearly $200.  two hundres fucking dollars!

I know for a fact that my husband’s jeans contain more material than mine, and tend to be of heavier denim and better made.  And they’re half the price!  Even from his ridiculously expensive Tall People Store!  And I get to pay three times the price for the privilege of buying crapper jeans.

There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

Also ridiculous?  The complete lack of anything decent on TV on Saturday night.

the best-laid schemes of mice and [wo]men

I had a Plan.Hitachi Magic Wand

It was, if I do say so myself, a rather good plan.  I had intended for my first post to be a review of my much-loved Hitachi Magic Wand; sadly, the universe had other plans, and the universe won the coin-toss.

My Hitachi Magic Wand is dead.

Why would you do this to me, Hitachi Magic Wand?  Have I not loved you (almost) exclusively for a year?  Have I not defended you from my significant other’s laughter at your clunky appearance and loud sound?  Have I not dutifully stayed on my side of the bed so that I wouldn’t accidentally unplug your power cord?

Well, yes, I damn well did.  All of it.  And my Hitachi Magic Wand betrays me.  Woe.  And I don’t even know what I did.

Sunday morning, my traitorous Hitachi Magic Wand was working fine.  Very fine, in fact, even if I do say so myself.  But Sunday evening, I go to turn it on, and my once-beloved Magic Wand sounds like a drill.  Worse still, there is barely any no vibration.  Only noise.  It wasn’t dropped, or damaged, or flung at the wall or hung from the ceiling, or fed to a lion.  My Hitachi Magic Wand just… stopped working.  And instead makes noise.

True to its now-revealed treacherous nature, the Hitachi Magic Wand chose just (literally, twelve days) before the manufacturer’s warranty is up to break.  Long past being able to return it to the store I bought it from.

I just hope they will honour the warranty outside of the US.  Otherwise, I’m screwed.

And not in a good way.

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