The day I was blocked by Keith Olbermann

Today I got blocked on Twitter by Keith Olbermann.

I shall choose to look on this as an accomplishment.  Since some time Saturday, Keith Olbermann has been blocking feminist tweeters using the tag #MooreandMe and directing calls to Keith Olbermann (@keitholbermann) and Michael Moore (@mmflint) for retractions of and apologies for the deliberately inaccurate information they they aired via Twitter and cable T.V. to hundreds of thousands of their fans.

As of some point this afternoon, I got to join the illustrious company of People Keith Olbermann Has Blocked On Twitter.  We even have our own hashtag, #WeveBeenKOed.

I’m not going to detail the #MooreandMe protest here, because a) I couldn’t do it justice and b) many people much more eloquent than I have already done so.  For full details on #MooreandMe and to find out what all those hysterical CIA Feminazi Spies* are up to, make sure to check out Tiger Beatdown (@sadydoyle).  Kate Harding (@kateharding) of Shapely Prose has a great post on why she supports #MooreandMe here.  For background information, Megpie71 was put together a fantastic link round-up you can find here.

*Hysterical CIA Feminazi Spies, you ask? Apparently I’m one of them, at least according to Some Dude On Twitter who’s been trolling #MooreandMe supporters.

I’m not going to direct link, simply because he doesn’t deserve any hits, though I left the name so I suppose you can go look it up if you’d like. I cut down the screenshots themselves, because it’s horrendous lime-green text in white boxes on a background of small tiles of Yoda from Star Wars with a lightsaber. And after having to look at his feed to find the messages, I feel no desire to inflict that on anyone else.  Even Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore.  Not that they’d ever read my blog, but, y’know.  Principles.

Screenshot of a Twitter @ message to @anneardeur, text reads: I also don't care about Mike Moore either. He should've known not to support you #FemiNazi turncoats from the get-go.

So first I’m a Feminazi turncoat – who was never a Moore fan to begin with, so bwah? Assumptions, you make them often.

Screenshot of a Twitter @ message to @anneardeur, text reads: No, just [name redacted] (and possibly [name also redacted] is the CIA agent. And possibly you for being so purposely hard-headed.

And now I’m a CIA agent (and part of a government conspiracy – I thought about including that message, but it makes no sense on its own and I don’t want to cap the entire conversation) because I’m “hard-headed” and won’t agree with him that rape victims should be named and shamed in the media. Someone seems to have misplaced my CIA paycheck.

I made the decision to obscure/redact the names mentioned in the second tweet, since the women referred two are the two identified by the media as being involved in the Julian Assange rape case. I know their names are already out there, if the ID is correct, but I don’t feel comfortable propagating that information.

This day will, forever, be The Day I Was Blocked By Keith Olbermann On Twitter.


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