Review: Stone Kissed

Stone Kissed by Keri Stevens is a sweet modern paranormal romance that’s due to be released at the end of this month.Stone Kissed cover

Most everyone is the small two of Stewardsville knows that the town founder’s descendants are… an odd bunch, to say the least. The latest of those is Delia Forrest, who talks to statues – which might not be so odd, if it weren’t that the statues talk back.  Delia is forced to give up her apartment and business to return home when a terrible house fire wreaks havoc on her ancestral home and puts her estranged father in the hospital with serious injuries.

Grant Wolverton, an old acquaintance and rival of her father, also finds his way back into Delia’s life; he wants to buy Steward House, and with the cost of her father’s medical bills increasing by the hour it’s an offer Delia can’t refuse.  The obvious attraction between them is unsettling to both – can they work together to restore Steward House without giving in to their feelings?  Is Delia be able to keep her magical secret hidden from Grant?  And will the chatty statues in Delia’s new apartment ever shut up?

In addition to our Stoic Hero an Intrepid Heroine, we have Delia’s cousin, Cecily Johnson, who for some reason is a succubus.  I’m not sure quite why that is, and it’s never explained.  For all that she’s the ‘villain’ of the piece, I can’t help but feel sorry for Cecily, and my interpretation is that it’s Cecily’s supernatural nature that makes her the way she is, rather than any real desire to Be Evil or anything.

I would like to read further stories set in this universe, and perhaps learn something about the way magic works and what other supernatural types might be out there.  Recommended.

  1. Anne, thank you for taking the time to review STONE KISSED. I’m glad you felt good enough about the story to recommend it. And indeed, more of Stewardsville’s history comes out in future books–it really is an odd little town.

    • Grace Elliot
    • December 13th, 2010

    I usually stick with historical romance but this sounds interesting enough to tempt me to change genres!

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