Judith Griggs and Plagiarism

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is calling for a new definition of the term Judith Griggs, following an incident where the aforementioned editor of Cook’s Source was caught plagiarising an article for profit without permission.  To add insult to injury (and copyright infringement), Griggs then had the sheer nerve to inform the original author that she should be grateful and pay them for stealing her work!  Apparently if you’re Judith Griggs, the web is considered “public domain”!

Judith Griggs
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): griggs’d
Pronunciation: gr\ i \gz

1. To use content on the web without permission, then request payment from original author for rewrites and editing.
2. To remain ignorant of plagiarism, ethics, copyright, and asshat behavior.

Etymology: From Cook’s Source editor Judith Griggs’ use of Monica’s article from GodeCookery without attribution or permission, and from Griggs’ subsequent rejection and ridicule of Monica’s request for compensation.

Example of usage: “Why’d you get an F on that essay?”
“I griggs’d the professor’s doctoral thesis from her website, and I even cleaned it up for her and told her she should give me an A, but she failed me anyway.”

Alternate usage: “For tomorrow’s deadline, I’m going to griggs some article from LiveJournal but edit it to remove the humor and interestingness.”

According to comments on pretty much everything I already linked, Cook’s Source has also plagiarized articles from other sources, including The Food Network and Web MD!  What on earth is wrong with this woman?  (And why is she being paid to do such a crappy job while I’m unemployed??)

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