Blizzcon 2010

So Roger and I got back yesterday from Blizzcon,which was made of awesome with a side of horrendous queues and overpriced food.  Tired right now, so I’ll give the Cliffs Notes version and pick up on other things in a post later this week.  Maybe tomorBlizzard Entertainment logorow.

Blizzard have announced the last class for Diablo 3, the ‘Demon Hunter‘, who appears to be some unholy cross between the Diablo 2 Assassin and the Prince of Persia.  The game demo for both the Demon Hunter and the new rune system they’re implementing looked to be v cool.

There was no real news for WoW, since they had already announced the December release date for the Cataclysm expansion.  But there was a showing of the Cataclysm cinematic currently up on the World of Warcraft website, which was neat.

Starcraft 2 got a little more love than WoW; Blizzard devs have created several custom maps, including a take on Blizzard DOTA from the Warcraft 3 custom map Defence of the Ancients, that will be available for free download and use some time in the future.  Probably right before the paid game DOTA2 comes out.

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